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About Us

With over 40 years of combined experience providing IT services in Maitland and Newcastle to small, medium and enterprise scale businesses, Steve and Pete understand what’s needed to help you meet your IT and business objectives.

We appreciate that your IT costs can sometimes seem daunting so we’re committed to helping your technology achieve your business outcomes. Our all-in-one IT services in Maitland and Newcastle can solve all of your problems related to wireless networks, software support and office support!

Over the last 10 years, Pete has forged a great reputation and customer base on the Maitland and Newcastle with Level 8 Solutions. Steve’s recent arrival in the area allows us to offer these proven offerings, and more, to the South side of The Bay, the Hunter and Newcastle under our new company ‐ Datrys Technologies. To get reliable, software and PC support in Maitland and Newcastle look nowhere other than Datrys technologies!

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Our Services

What We Do

Microsoft application installations, upgrades and migrations including Office local and Office365

Virus, spy­ware and ad­ware detection, removal and on­going protection

IP Security Cameras

The age of jerky, security cameras in Newcastle with hard to discern images and coaxial cables all over the building are gone.

High quality security cameras in Newcastle, scaled to the size of your premises, can:


Thankfully, the reliability of computer backups in Newcastle and their hard drives has improved greatly over the years.

They do however, of course, sometimes fail and losing your company's

Anti-Virus & Adware

We use software called Webroot that uses a different methodology. They have some 25 million PCs protected

around the world that report into a threat centre.


The National Broadband Network roll-out is a great opportunity for businesses to achieve faster and more reliable Internet speeds.

Businesses are using more and more online or cloud based services and nbn advise in Newcastle, at the end of the day,

Internet Failsafe

These days, losing your Internet connection can cause significant inconvenience and cost.

Therefore use our services for internet redundancy in Newcastle!

Cloud based PBX telephone systems

VOIP (Voice over IP) is telephony over the Internet rather than through traditional telephone lines.

A virtual PBX then enables you to manage your office telephones

Wireless Networks

We build wireless networks in Newcastle that give you the coverage you need where you need it. We also provide wifi in Newcastle that give you the coverage you need where you need it.

The latest computer networks in Newcastle allows for flexibility and scaling