IP Security Cameras


The age of jerky, CCTV cameras with hard to discern images and coaxial cables all over the building are gone. Datrys technologies is now offering high tech security cameras in Maitland and Newcastle, scaled to the size of your premises that can help you to keep a hawk eye on all the activities even in your absence. Our surveillance cameras can:

Act as a deterrent against criminal activity, protecting your assets

Provide assurance, security and safety to people occupying the spaces


Provide evidence to Police to secure prosecutions

IP security cameras also allow you to monitor your premises remotely
Don’t waste your time with poor quality equipment as they use cheap components, won’t last, have poor usability and are neither repairable nor scalable.

Our surveillance cameras in Maitland and Newcastle are designed to perfection. Gone are the days of jerky cameras. To strengthen your security game, Datrys technologies has introduced security cameras in Maitland and Newcastle that bring results to your desk.