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State of the art computer installation and hardware in Maitland to run your business like clockwork

Ares POS terminal

Although there are many point of sale in Newcastle that are available in the market, this terminal is the result of customer feedback on what is required to make a terminal work for you, by exceeding all expectations. Fast and responsive, it’s able to be used in high-pressure environments to get the job done quickly!

i15 j1900 Terminal

The i15 is by far the most popular due to its design and quality as a point of sale terminal. Idealpos i15 is accompanied by an optional second display for the customer, available in 7″ and 10.1″. Other options include Magnetic Card Reader, RFID Clerk Reader and 2 Cash Drawer Outputs, all consistent with the familiar style of the previous generation of the Idealpos 115 Series.


Printers play an important role in any point of sale system by providing receipts for customers, printing dockets in the kitchen for orders, tabs for each piece of clothing in a dry cleaners and to print labels out for retail outlets. No matter the printer or configuration you require in your business, we have the products to look after it.

Customer Displays

Ensure the item and price is what the customer is expecting, display product images, specials or other advertisements.

Cash Drawers

Secure, fast and responsive. This can also be called the ideal POS point of sale in Newcastle!


Read a multitude of barcodes and adapt to many different products, as well as staff and loyalty use

Magnetic card readers

Magnetic card readers used with magnetic cards allow you to perform tasks easily such as initiate permissions, clerks, employees, customers and loyalties.

RFID readers

An easy way to speed up the service of your customers,  use RFID technology for both staff and customers to start sales, add customers to a sale and more with the simple touch of a tag to a receptive device. This point of sale in Newcastle is highly reliable and budget friendly too!

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