Wireless Networks

We build wireless networks that give you the coverage you need where you need it. The latest wireless technologies allow for flexibility and scaling to more easily support your business as it grows.

Smart, meshed networks also now self heal in the event of a device failure and alert you when something is wrong. You can monitor usage and see if one device is hogging your bandwidth then block them from the management portal.

You can also provide vouchers and charge for different classes of service, based on what can be accessed or more bandwidth.

Building to building links

We can affordably extend your network services to your other buildings and warehouses using line of site wireless links when cabling isn't an option.


Customer story:

"When Wanderers Retreat decided to install WiFi to  cover our 1.6 hectare, densely timbered property we called a number of installers. It quickly became apparent that most were not up to speed as they offered to install domestic equipment and hope it covered the whole area. No promises though. Steve on the other hand was professional from the start, recognised the unique problems, knew his equipment and was confident it would work. Came the testing phase, it all worked like a dream. Steve gave us full WiFi coverage, worked quickly and without supervision and kept in touch after the installation in case there were any glitches. Do yourself a favour, just get the job done by him. Thanks again Steve.


Ian and Jane 


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